Thursday, January 27, 2011

The Waiting Game

Many of you have asked for updates on Adam's condition. "Did the surgery work?" The reason I have been silent for a week is because we just don't know yet. The surgeon told us it might take a couple weeks after the surgery to see improvement in his skin coloring and bilirubin levels. I have two doctor's appointments next week, one with the surgeon and one with Adam's pediatrician. Hopefully those appointments will give us some answers, and Lord willing, they will be answers that we want to hear.

In the meantime, Adam has been recuperating well from the surgery. He is definitely fussier than normal, but he is still sleeping solidly at night, usually four hours at a stretch (a huge blessing for me!).

In the picture above you can see the gamut of medications he is on: oxycodone and ibuprofen for pain management; simethicone to help with gas distention; prednisone (the big bottle), a steroid to prevent inflammation; omeprazole, to reduce the heartburn created by the steroid; an antibiotic, the proper name of which I am not even going to try to spell; and last but not least, a multivitamin to make up for deficiencies caused by the jaundice.  

As you can imagine, getting him to take all those meds is no picnic either for him or for me. The only one that he seems to actually like ingesting is the oxycodone--which is also the only one that he'll stop taking in the near future. Our mornings are spent with lots of crying, pinched cheeks, forced swallowing, and attempts to avoid vomiting everything that made it from the syringe into the stomach.

In the midst of this severe trial, it's still a joy to watch both the boys growing older. Oliver just moved up to 3-6 month clothing this week and Adam will be soon to follow. They've both been enjoying their new dangling toys, courtesy of cousin Phinehas, and David's MacGyver mobile made of foil has also been a big hit.

We've also been completely overwhelmed by the kindness of our church family with all the visits, meals, love, and prayers. Thank you, thank you, thank you from the bottom of our hearts. Please continue to pray for Adam, and I will be sure to give an update next week when we find out more information.

Adam placidly plays with the new toys.

Oliver attacks the new toys.


  1. Awhh such cute pictures. I remember the med days and it is hard not knowing if they are working. Just hang in there I promise one day he will wake up and just be different in a better way. Children are so resilient I hope it worked and it sounds like it just might have if he is fussier than normal. Hang in there, my prayers are with you and the family.

  2. So good to see them playing happily! Still keeping you in my prayers

  3. And the ants? Are they gone yet?

  4. Haven't seen any ants for four or five days, so I'm hopeful!

  5. Adam looks so much better now. Good job, Momma! We keep you guys in our prayers. Hang in there!


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