Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Goodreads Giveaway of The Unexpected Earl

Today starts the Goodreads giveaway for the newest book put out by my publishing company, Madison Street Publishing. It's a Regency romance by Philippa Jane Keyworth, titled The Unexpected Earl. I did the editing work for this one, and I'm quite excited about the story.

We chose this quote for the back cover:
"I do not appreciate the direction of this conversation, my lord." 
"You do not appreciate most of what I say, let alone my presence."
How can you not want to read a book that has lines like that?!? :-)

The Goodreads giveaway lasts for a month, leading up to the official release date on September 20.

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Much Ado about (Sea)Horses

My sister is getting married tomorrow, and the theme of the wedding is seahorses! I was due to have a post up on English Historical Fiction Authors the same day. It seemed a little too challenging to tie in seahorses with my period of interest, the Middle Ages, but regular, old horses of the land variety tied in quite nicely. Head on over to EHFA if you'd like to hear just how expensive those medieval horses were. If you were a peasant, the cheapest warhorse might have been twice as much as your annual salary....

I know, I know--not romantic at all. On to another topic. Happy wedding day (tomorrow), Ange! Glad you found your knight in shining armor (literally).

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