Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Persecuted by Christians but Protected by the Church? Jews in the Middle Ages

People's Crusade attacking the Jews
One thing I unearthed during my research on the First Crusade was the schizophrenia in Christian views regarding the Jews. On the one hand we have the People's Crusade spreading a path of havoc through the Rhineland, killing all the Jews they could find since the Jews killed Christ. On the other hand we have the bishops from those same cities in the Rhineland standing up against the Crusaders and condemning their actions. On the one hand we have regional robber barons like Count Emico declaring that, "Anyone who kills a Jew will have his sins forgiven." On the other hand we have popes like Alexander II declaring that the lives and property of the Jews are not to be harmed.

Today on English Historical Fiction Authors I write about the Church's role in the medieval persecution of the Jews...not exactly what popular history might lead you to believe....

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