Monday, January 10, 2011

Blood Work and Boxes

A guest post by the David Spears so a mother can get some rest before the big day. 

Due to the great swell of support and prayers we have received for Adam, we thought it best to keep those praying updated. The support has become a great anchor for us in these very rough seas. It is an even greater comfort knowing that the anchor firmly rests on the Rock of Christ.  

There is no mistaking the seas are raging with all the uncertainty life can bring. The house that could become our greatest economical advantage, the house that will be my sons’ home, finally cleared its last hurdles. It was a close thing; the closing came down to a two hour window where the whole deal could have collapsed. I turned in so many “one last thing(s)” that I began to think people forgot what the word “last” meant. I also had to pay $1200 dollars extra due to “oops” in the paper work. In fact, not a single date/timeline was achieved in the whole process until time ran out. Fully expecting to miss the last deadline as well, we registered the title with half an hour left by my watch. It was a close thing.

The support I mentioned has been more than just prayers. By my guess about twenty or thirty people showed up to move my family to our new home last Saturday. It was very humbling and amazing. We had only one day to move due to my school term starting today and Adam’s surgery starting tomorrow. Saturday was the only day to move, and what a move it was. There was almost too much help. The Lord answered our prayers not abstractly but with a strong vibrant church that came out to help us when we needed it the most. To those who know who they are, thanks.  

As important as this home is for my family’s future, it is just a material thing. It is wood and concrete. It pales in comparison to the importance and value of my son Adam. It is an afterthought when I think of the uncertainty Adam faces. Just this week Rose took Adam to three different hospitals in one day to search for answers.  Adam, just his name reminds me of how familiar death is to me. Death and I are definitely no strangers and I cannot pretend “everything will be fine” when I know it is not always so.  The seas are definitely raging and the storm is all around.  Adam has started his liquid diet and soon will be off even that to prepare for his surgery. It is a hard thing to starve a little baby in order to do what is best for him. Yet this is what Christ did for us, He died so we can live. Death, while familiar, is not something I fear anymore. Christ has Adam's future in His care just as much as he did the very first Adam. The Lord can use the surgeons to answer our prayers just as easily as He provided so many helping hands to move us into our new house. My family rests firmly on the Rock that is Christ and we thank you all for your prayers. 

As of right now Adam is scheduled for a 10:30 am surgery tomorrow morning.     



  1. Thank you for the update.
    May the Lord of all hope keep and bless Adam and you all!
    You are in our hearts and prayers....
    Monte & Sonila

  2. Beautifully said David. Our family is praying daily, throughout the day for you all, entrusting you to the One who does all things in His perfect wisdom and love. Last night I laid in bed praying again, knowing that what you say is so...the same Lord who gives and sustains life is also the One who determines its earthly end...the outcome is not always what we dream, but it is always according to His trustworthy plan. As those who love Him and love Adam, we hope and pray for a long and fruitful life for your son. We very much appreciate your updates and will be upholding you all through the day in our prayers. To God be the glory! May He grant you and Rose His peace which passes understanding today as you wait to know more, and the faith to trust Him fully with your son, who He loves even more than you do.

  3. Beautiful. Covering your family, little Adam especially, and the doctors in prayer.

  4. Thank you so much for taking the time to update. We continue to pray.

  5. You are all in our thoughts and prayers today...we ask God for complete healing for Adam.

  6. Thanks for the updates. Praying for you today.

  7. The heart of a father.... priceless

  8. Your family and baby Adam have been in my prayers since I read of y'all last week. Thank you for updating. I will continue lifting your names to our God and Savior.


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