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Below are links to reviews that Rosanne E. Lortz's novels have received from various publications and book blogs.


The True Book Addict - October, 2011

"I am so pleased that I keep discovering historical fiction authors who really know how to tell a story.  Rosanne Lortz has taken the Crusades...and has written a well-researched and captivating account.... An engaging book such as this is one that will spark an interest in learning more about the Crusades, even in the most lay of persons."

Erin Reads - October, 2011

"Lortz favors simple prose and sparse yet effective bits of atmosphere. Rather than describe exactly how something is done or precisely what a scene looks like, Lortz writes just enough that the reader knows and can picture what is happening yet has plenty of room to utilize her imagination. In this respect Road from the West reads a bit like contemporary fiction does, the author assuming the reader and characters share common points of reference that make extended explanation unnecessary. I found nothing lacking in Lortz’s approach and enjoyed how she let Tancred’s story be the novel’s focus."

Reviews by Molly - October, 2011

"There is so much to say about, devotion, redemption, love, much more, including the spoilers, so I'll stop. I will say this, READ IT. If you are a history lover, a Christian, or just wanting to know more about a time in history that many people don't look back on, then get a copy NOW. Ms. Lortz' passion for her history knowledge shines through. She brings a life-like story to her readers, creating a 4 Book worthy start to a fantastic new series. I can't wait for the second book in Tancred's story! FANTABULOUS work, Ms. Lortz!"

Words and Peace - October, 2011

"I think the author did a fantastic job at retelling the historical setting and what happened with lots of accuracy.... I especially enjoy the way she focuses on the character of Tancred. She manages to make him a very human and lively character, inserting in the novel some elements of romance which fit nicely."

The Owl Bookmark Blog - October, 2011

"It is very obvious right off the bat that Lortz did her research and probably is as familiar with the Crusades (all of them) as she is with the back of her hand.  This novel is full of historical facts and anecdotes as well as a very realistic setting that allows Lortz's historical prowess to show...."

By the By Books - October, 2011

"Lortz's narrative is wonderfully written. The writing is very simple, but in a good way. I felt that this section of history, which is almost 1000 years old, was fresh and easily understandable for today's reader...."

A Few More Pages - October, 2011

"....I definitely would like to continue reading about Tancred's adventures, and since this book only takes us part-way on the Crusaders' journey to Jerusalem, I am looking forward to picking up the next book in the series. There are too many questions still left to be answered: Will Tancred make it to Jerusalem? Will Alexandra win his heart? Will Bohemond gain the riches and power he is after? I must find out what happens!"

Bippity Boppity Book - October, 2011

"As someone who has never read a thing about the First Crusade, I enjoyed this book quite a bit.... I liked the main character Tancred because it is clear that even though he was raised by his Uncle, their ideologies are completely different and Tancred proves himself time and again throughout the Crusade that his Uncle’s way is not the only way.  Also as a former Soldier I liked that Tancred was all about what was best for his Soldiers and able to swallow his pride for their benefit...."

Peeking between the Pages - October, 2011

"The author’s writing is very descriptive and really brought to life this time period for me. What I enjoyed most about this novel is that it wasn’t only about battles and blood and guts. It was actually about the people – the soldiers and what they were thinking and planning. Yes there were battles but I came away from this novel caring about some of the characters like Tancred and Alexandra.  From the beginning of the story I felt drawn to Tancred and his family and it made me want to read more."

The Musings of a Book Junkie - September, 2011

"Rosanne Lortz captures the First Crusade with all its glory. From preparations to battles, no detail is left out. Battles are fierce, but not gory. The hardships endured by the Crusaders are harsh, but accurately detailed....  I would recommend it to anyone seeking to learn about the First Crusade."

Just One More Paragraph - September, 2011

"Rich with history, this tale is told with a prose that will keep the reader captivated throughout the story, transporting them back to the late 1090's.... Truly a brilliant novel, this book would appeal to both the historical fiction lover as well as the reader that just wants a good story about a flawed hero. With no sex and minimal gore, this book would be a great resource for home school high school students."

A Bookish Affair - September, 2011

"One of the things that I liked about this book is that although it takes place during a war, there isn't a lot of time spent on the battles themselves. The book covers more of the behind the scenes of what's going on. It talks more about what people were thinking as they marched towards the unknown.... Bottom line: This was a great adventure story with an interesting perspective."

The Bibliophilic Book Blog - September, 2011

"Wonderfully descriptive language brings to life the characters and settings of the Crusades. From power struggles, bloody battles, treachery, and even romance, Ms. Lortz easily transports readers back over 1000 years in the past. Fantastic fiction woven through the backdrop of history will capture your attention and leave you stunned and amazed."

Broken Teepee - September, 2011

"I found myself drawn into the world of Tancred and his family from the very first page.... Ms. Lortz has a way with words and most definitely has a way with writing about this era in history."

The Calico Critic - September, 2011

"When I reached the end of Road from the West, I not only felt like I learned a thing or two about the First Crusade, Tancred the marquis and the religious/political goings on of the era, but I also enjoyed a good story. Rosanne Lortz has two more titles to come in the Chronicles of Tancred trilogy, and if they're anything like this first segment, they'll definitely be worth my time. Book One is a great start to an informative, entertaining series."


Red Adept Reviews - February, 2011

"[T]his novel was an absorbing read that immersed me in the world of knights and ladies. I was thoroughly engrossed as I followed the life of John Potenhale. Intriguing me with a book of this type was no mean feat as I am far from a history buff.... This was not your usual “knight in shining armor” tale. Potenhale, while a more than adequate knight, did not rescue any damsels in distress. (Although, there was a quaint romantic side plot that I truly enjoyed.) I think the novel’s charm lay in its realism." - July, 2010

"I found Potenhale to be an interesting character and I liked the way the story was told from his memories in the first person. I enjoyed watching him grow as a knight and I liked the twist of the side story about his love for Margery and the difficulties that surround their union. Potenhale’s relationship to the Black Prince and the backdrop of Plagues stricken England, flagellants, notions of redemption and knightly honour also make the book a good read.... It is battle heavy, and plot heavy but not boring in the least and I really enjoyed it."

Black 'n Gold Girl's Book Spot - June, 2010

"This author seems to know her stuff! Not only is the book rich in detail it also has a bit of romance, faith and incredible battle scenes! While reading I Serve I felt as if I were immersed in the French country side or participating in a joust or right in the thick of the Black Plague (ewww). This is really a great book for readers of historical fiction, I hope you enjoy it if you decide to check it out!"

Historically Obsessed - May, 2010

"This was a unique read; it covered so many events of the Hundred Years War that I cannot even begin to get into the details here. It had it all from disguises, unsatisfied love, fights for honor, and most compelling of all the torments of a man's conscience.... Romantic YES, and YES an interesting tale of a knight who is tormented by the gritty details of war. I would recommend this book to anyone who is looking for something a bit off the mainstream."

Rundpinne - May, 2010

"Lortz writes a superb novel with vivid imagery, wonderful characters, as well as descriptive and distinct time period prose. The inner struggle of the characters, especially that of John Potenhale, are masterfully written and one can understand and sympathise with his inner turmoil. I highly recommend I Serve to anyone who enjoys historical fiction or who is new to historical fiction." --Jennifer

Historical Tapestry - March, 2010

"With Potenhale we witness one man's growth, a life's journey, gaining physical and intellectual maturity and through him we can see the fourteenth century way of life and way of thinking. This is a story about following a code of honour, the code of chivalry, about being virtuous, being true to God and to their Lady. Rosanne E. Lortz wrote an intelligent and engaging tale based in real characters and events that made this reading journey one of the most exhilarating of this year. Historical fiction doesn't get much better than this." --Ana T.

Historical Novels Review Online - February, 2010

"A tale of war, royalty, knights, tournaments, and love, I Serve: A Novel of the Black Prince has everything a lover of dramatic historical fiction could ask for and more.... Author Rosanne Lortz keeps the story excellently balanced between the battle sequences and domestic court scenes, and her characters are well drawn, from the hero Potenhale to the deliciously obnoxious villain Sir Holland and Sir Geoffroi de Charny, a French knight who befriends Potenhale and helps guide him through his dilemmas. The battles, especially those involving the town of Calais, are exciting, and love stories, while not quite fully fleshed out, feature several amusing scenes. Well written, entertaining, and intriguing, I Serve is definitely an enjoyable and worthy read." -- Megan Kitzman

Historical Novel Review - December, 2009

"...Rosanne Lortz tells a wonderful tale of the Hundred Year war. Through vivid language and in-depth descriptions, she nudges the emotion and credibility out of the story, making the reader truly understand the difficulties of this turbulent era. Even though a lot of historical fact is relayed, she does it brilliantly, through the thoughts, dialogues, and actions of her characters. Her battle scenes were written carefully and accurately with clarity so that even days later, I can envision them in my mind. I also engaged with the characters, including the villain Thomas Holland who could be despicable at times. This novel makes an excellent read that both genders can appreciate." -- Mirella Sichirollo Patzer
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