Saturday, December 22, 2012

Queen of Scots and the End of the World: Saturday Links

Today's Saturday Links both come from the English Historical Fiction Authors blog, a site with daily historical essays written by historical novelists. If you love English history, then you NEED to follow this blog regularly. I learn new things every day from one of the forty-or-so novelists who post there.

Barbara Kyle had an excellent post on Mary, Queen of Scots. I loved that it mentioned her half-brother James, Earl of Moray--the hero of a short story I wrote a while back and hopefully the hero of a novel I will write someday in the future.

Nancy Bilyeau posted Friday about the day the world 1881. She talked about the legendary sixteenth century Mother Shipton on whose prophecies this spurious prediction was based. I guess the Tudors and the Mayans have something in common after all--being wrong.

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