Monday, June 3, 2013

The Mirror of Christian Kings--and His Interest in Music

It was going to go up Wednesday, but things got switched around a bit, and so my post about "Henry V: King, Conqueror, and...Musician?" is up today on English Historical Fiction Authors. You know that he beat the French at the battle of Agincourt, but did you know that that victory opened up the way for England to become a world-leader in music? I'd love it if you would head over there and read it and give me your thoughts.


  1. Apparently according to something I heard or read somewhere once, he was also in the habit of not returning books when he 'borrowed' them, and appropriated (pillaged) a few from France.

    1. Well, really, do you *need* to return books when you're the king of England and France? I know *I* wouldn't return my library books if I didn't have to.... :-)

    2. Well it really is naughty not to return books you know and library fines serve as a good incentive.
      If they are the spoils of war, forfeit on defeat however....


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