Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Sticking up for Thomas Becket

The Murder of Thomas Becket
Today I have a post up on English Historical Fiction Authors. Last month, I got to talk about Anselm, the archbishop who defied two kings. This month, I turn my attention to a more famous conflict between archbishop and monarch--Thomas Becket and his fight with Henry II.

The subject I 'm specifically addressing is the Case of the Criminous Clerks. Over the centuries, Thomas Becket has taken a lot of heat for his stance on this, his argument that churchmen, even if they commit murder, can only be punished by the Church and not by the State. I try to look at the issue in its context, providing a little more sympathy for the archbishop, although not complete agreement.... (read the article!)


  1. Read this, quite interesting and a like the way you put it an the end, with his fending off almost any attack.

    Re-examining (rehabilitating?) maligned or misunderstood historical figures can be interesting it itself I think, when it leads to learning new things about them, or seeing things in a different way. King Harold was probably one example of such with me, and John Duke of Bedford (brother of Henry V) I am an ardent defender (even one could say apologist) of.

    1. Glad you enjoyed it! I don't know much about the Duke of Bedford. Have you written anything up about your take on him? I'd be interested to read it.

    2. Yes, here is a link on Medievalreader to everything remotely related to him.

      Apologies for any confusion over the username- changed too Google+ and was required to change to that name- and I don't login through Wordpress anymore because it can be a hassle.


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