Saturday, January 19, 2013

Spiritual Matters in Movies and Books: Saturday Links

Last year I wrote a post about the difficulties, but importance, of writing religion in the alien past. This week I came across two articles that reminded me of this same topic.

Stephanie Cowell discussed the subject on English Historical Fiction Authors:
It is difficult to write about spiritual matters. They are the most intimate of our feelings and more difficult to express in words than physics, which is most deeply expressed in mathematics. And words are all we have as novelists. Yet a good historical novel can transplant a reader to spiritual places and feelings which a theological book can seldom do. Novels can be a gate to “thing that are unseen.” (read more)
In an application of this idea, Medieval Reader rebuked the movie Brave for including paganism but not Christianity in an obviously medieval setting.
The glaring anachronisms, like castles and ‘cakes’ were forgivable, but the worst aspect, and that which I found most objectionable was the total exclusion of Christianity whilst giving prominence to pagan beliefs and ideas.... Whilst Brave, with its panoramic highland scenes and folk music is clearly intended to celebrate Scottish culture, the seemingly intentional ignoring of the religious ideology which had such a profound effect on that culture is, I believe a travesty of the highest order. Whether secularists like it or not, Christianity left an indelible legacy on the history and cultural heritage of the British isles.... (read more)

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