Saturday, November 3, 2012

Deep Details and Ungentlemanly Gentlemen: Saturday Links

M.m. Bennetts had a lovely post this week called "The Depth is in the Detail," where she examines how important it is to see historical characters as human and not just as a collection of facts and dates.
...there are so many histories and works/or of historical fiction or romance where the authors seem to have no clue as to the humanity of those about whom they’re writing. 
They’re not human, they’re not people–these figures who people the pages–they’re names or titles with a set of posh clothes.  Which makes them a named clothes’ horse–not a person. These characters or historical figures are nothing more than cardboard cutouts–you can’t imagine them having a lie-in of a Sunday morning, or preferring sausage to streaky rashers with their cooked breakfast.  
For without some sense of character, of likes and dislikes, of what makes them smile or laugh, well, without that…I don’t know…history is reduced to this dry as late autumn leaves affair, with the life crushed out of it. Hence, it’s no wonder that today’s students perhaps think history is boring. (read more)

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Philippa Jane Keyworth gave a delightful parody of P&P's opening line to tell us that: "It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a lady of the 21st Century loves a Regency gentleman." She then introduced us to her own Regency gentleman, the Viscount Beauford, in an excerpt from her debut novel, The Widow's Redeemer, due out next month. Trouble is, he doesn't seem like much of a least from this excerpt.

Books took flight as though given life, their covers flapping like wings. A tall gentleman was knocked back into the doorway only just managing to maintain his balance. 
“Oh, I am so dreadfully sorry!” Bending down with no care for clean skirts, Letty retrieved as many books as possible—until her frantically scrambling hand brushed the hand of the gentleman in question. She flinched, her arm jolting away from the contact. 
“Lady, you are a curse!” (read more)

If this book looks interesting to you, you should know there's a giveaway for it running on Goodreads all this month. Enter for your chance to win one of two copies.

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The Widow's Redeemer

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