Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Happy Six Months to the Third Boy

Marcus Jasper Spears - Six Months Old
He was ten pounds when we born, and I figured he'd catch up with the twins sooner or later. Well, it's sooner rather than later. All three boys are in the same size diapers now, and stretchy clothing like pajamas has become interchangeable. Adam and Oliver are still about 6 pounds heavier than Marcus, but the third boy is gaining fast.

We had Marcus' six month pics in the same blue chair
under the same apple tree in our back yard...
...where the twins had their six month pics.
It's fun to compare them. 

Pictures by Grammy Pics
Happy six months, Marcus! 
We like you lots.


  1. He is just sooo cute!! I wish I could hug him right now. :) Miss you guys

  2. Such a happy guy! Very cute pictures!


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