Saturday, June 16, 2012

Rain and Reviewers: Saturday Links

I've decided to start a new feature on my blog called Saturday Links, where each Saturday I introduce you to interesting articles that I discovered during the week. Some of these may have already received excited mentions in my Facebook or Twitter feed, but here's a chance to group them all together and save them for posterity.

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The first article I want to highlight is M.M. Bennett's post, "Speaking of the weather..." M.M. is a historical novelist from England that I met in my English Historical Fiction Authors group. You don't have to be from England to be part of the group. You just have to write (or read) historical fiction set in the British Isles--which explains why I qualify.

But M.M., as I was saying, is actually from England, and in this article, she argues against the timeworn warnings for writers to refrain from mentioning the weather.

Talk about the weather?  It’s one of those things novelists are told never to do.  Not ever.  It’s boring, the writing teachers and the literary cognoscenti tell us.  But here in Britain, we talk about the weather constantly.... (read more
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Authors are not supposed to criticize reviewers. Not ever. Never. No matter what. But to be honest, I've been getting a little irritated lately at certain reviewers who think they are the gatekeepers to literature and that they know infinitely more than the authors of the books they review. Whenever I didn't like a book, my mother used to say, "Well, why don't you write a better one?" It's a piece of advice I sometimes feel like passing on....

This week I was intrigued to read Shawn Lamb's post "Review Styles of Writing Styles." Shawn is the author of Christian historical fiction and YA fantasy. In this post, Shawn gives general descriptions of certain kinds of reviewers, my favorite being Puffy the Book Slayer.
Think writers are the only ones with style? Nope, reviewers have styles, whether they mean to or not. In keeping with the tongue-in-cheek mode, here are some review styles that all authors encounter.... (read more

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  1. Ohhh I can identify with the weather one having experienced it on Monday- though I was not 'out' in it.
    I sometimes think the English weather has a sense of humour with all of its deciding to pout down in buckets or be bitterly cold in June- either that or it is as constrary and difficult as English people can be!


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