Saturday, April 7, 2012

The Black Prince and Joan of Kent: A Love Story

English Historical Fiction Authors is a great blog featuring a daily historical essay written by historical novelists whose work is primarily set in England. It also has a weekly giveaway of a historical novel by one of the participating authors. Today I have a blog post over at EHFA entitled "How Joan of Kent Became Princess of Wales."
Edward, the Black Prince, and Joan of Kent: a pair of star cross’d lovers that eventually came together in one of history’s true love matches. It took three marriages and over thirty years before Joan finally became the Princess of Wales, but if the chroniclers are to be believed, it was worth the wait.... (read more)


  1. This sounds really interesting, have bookmarked! Now is the easter holidays I may actually have time to read it!
    I think Eleanor of Castille and Edward I (Longshanks) represent another the great love stories of English Medieval history. Even though thier marriage was arranged, they reportedly adored one another.

  2. Yes, I have heard that before about Edward and Eleanor. Not exactly what you would suspect of the English king from Braveheart--but then people have many sides to them and cinema depictions are notoriously inaccurate.

  3. Don't mention that Movie to me, it'll get me started and I'll rant for ages. Suffice it to say that that even the epithet 'Braveheart' was thieved from Robert Bruce and Monthy Python and the Holy Grail was more accurate.

    I personaly do not think Longshanks was the wholly evil demonic fiend that he is depicted to be- which is not so say that he was a very nice person, then again niether was William Wallace. I guess I must hold true that 'golden rule' of the historical profession and not expect the past or the people in it to measure up to modern standards.

    The article is very interesting btw.


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