Wednesday, February 22, 2012

The Inkblot Society

Sometime last autumn I became involved in a Facebook group for writers that one of my friends put together. After sending out invites to other friends and acquaintances on the literary road, our numbers swelled to around a dozen. We made a rather timid start to helping each other with our writing aspirations, posting links to writing resources and sharing our own writing goals.

Then, in January, we had a meeting which brought some impetus and structure to our formless group. We decided to review monthly submissions from members and create a biannual journal of our work. In February, after much pain and travail, we gave birth to a suitable name for our motley crew--The Inkblot Society, known informally as The Inkblots. Here is a description of our society, drafted by Bethany of The Erratic Muse for our display at the Trinity Arts Festival last week.
a rabble of dedicated, but busy, writers striving to honor God with the terrifying and wonderful world of words. We have variegated taste and focus, different strengths, weaknesses, and end goals, but we are all committed to learning from each other and providing encouragement, accountability, and feedback. Whether it be with a four-line poem or a seven-book series, we strive to use the various genres of writing to change the world. We meet monthly and are currently conjuring up a biannual journal.
The first edition of the journal will hopefully be published in June. We still need to conjure up a name for our publication, and after all the agony that attended choosing a name for our group, I'm not really looking forward to the process. Suggestions welcome!

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