Thursday, October 13, 2011

Words and Peace - Review

Today, Words and Peace is featuring a review of Road from the West as part of my virtual book tour.
I think the author did a fantastic job at retelling the historical setting and what happened with lots of accuracy – I read since a few things on this crusade to compare (you could read this article for a first introduction). I especially enjoy the way she focuses on the character of Tancred. She manages to make him a very human and lively character, inserting in the novel some elements of romance which fit nicely.
Emma, the reviewer at Words and Peace, is also an artist who specializes in painting on rocks. I've been enjoying looking through her galleries this morning, and I especially love this nativity painting of the infant Jesus. It's making me all excited to start decorating for Christmas....


  1. wow, I feel honored to have my humble review featured on YOUR site! thanks so much as well for the shout out to my rocks. Have you seen the most recent site? they are connected, but you will there first all the nicest and most recent rocks:
    I just finished a very nice, I think, dog. need to post it there as well.
    Thanks again, and looking forward to the 2nd volume of the series.
    Emma @ Words And Peace

  2. Emma, no, I hadn't seen the new site. I was just going through the link to your older Wordpress site. Looks fabulous! I love the one of the Magi pointing to the star....


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