Monday, October 17, 2011

Erin Reads - Review

Today Road from the West received a really good review over at the blog Erin Reads. It's always fun to see that someone really enjoyed your work.
Rosanne Lortz writes in a style I’ve found rare in my admittedly limited experience with historical fiction. Over flowery language and paragraphs that drip with details, Lortz favors simple prose and sparse yet effective bits of atmosphere. Rather than describe exactly how something is done or precisely what a scene looks like, Lortz writes just enough that the reader knows and can picture what is happening yet has plenty of room to utilize her imagination. In this respect Road from the West reads a bit like contemporary fiction does, the author assuming the reader and characters share common points of reference that make extended explanation unnecessary. I found nothing lacking in Lortz’s approach and enjoyed how she let Tancred’s story be the novel’s focus.
This is the last week of the virtual book tour for Road from the West. It's been a fun month and a half and I've loved getting feedback from bloggers and comments from the historical fiction community.

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