Friday, September 30, 2011

Having My Cake, and Eating It Too

Today my nearly-eleven-month-old twins actually went down for their morning nap without any resistance. Today, after washing up the dishes and throwing in a load of laundry, I actually got to do some writing on my current WIP. And today I have been particularly thankful that I get to do more than one thing with my life.

I get to raise two--soon to be three--little boys, and I get to write novels. I get to discover scrumptious new dinner recipes (Jamie Oliver's bolognese sauce!), and I get to explore the world of publishing. I get to decorate my kitchen, sweep my floors, check my Facebook, and do my grocery shopping--and I get to do historical research. In many ways, it feels like I get to have my cake and eat it too.

And speaking of having cake...


So happy to have these two munchkins crawling underfoot and making it hard to get any writing done!


  1. What adorable boys you have! I admire you for fitting in writing with your busy life. My kids are teens now and I still find writing a challenge at times!

  2. Such pwecious, widdle boys. But, seriously, how on earth do you find time to write? Even a blog, let alone a novel. You are amazing. :)

  3. That picture of the two of them in the crib just makes me happy every time I see it! I downloaded on to my computer. :) The boys sure enjoy a happy life with parents who work hard for AND enjoy them.


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