Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Madison Street Publishing

When I published I Serve independently in June of 2009, I will confess that I had no idea what I was doing. I wrote the book, had it formatted by a friend/graphic designer, submitted it to a Print On Demand company, and tossed it out into the great unknown. Six months later, I had sold about one hundred copies to friends and family and decided it had been a fun adventure, although not a particularly profitable one. 

Enter David Spears--new husband and self-appointed marketing director. At the end of 2009, two weeks after we were married, he convinced me to format I Serve as an e-book for Amazon's Kindle and other e-readers. Then he began a learn-as-you-go marketing campaign sending review copies to book bloggers and buying ads on Kindle promotion sites. I was dubious (which is actually a euphemism for: I fought him every step of the way). But despite my self-deprecating pessimism and because of his energetic optimism, I Serve took off and entered the Top One Hundred List of Amazon's Historical Fiction for Kindle. As I write, we have sold 6346...wait, make that 6347 copies of I Serve, most of them in the e-book format--small potatoes for some authors, but big news for us.

Next month my second book Road from the West is being released, and with the experience and marketing savvy we've accumulated over the past year and a half, we're hopeful that the launch will be a success. This time we're releasing the book under the auspices of Madison Street Publishing, a new publishing company that we started this summer. With Madison Street Publishing we hope to provide a good home for my books as well as help other new authors find their niche in the changing market of today's publishing world.

Madison Street Publishing was founded on the simple idea that the story and the author who created it are the most important components of the publishing industry. Publishing companies should work for the authors, not authors for the publishing companies. MSP intends to live by this philosophy by putting our money where our mouth is and giving our authors the lion's share of their books' profits. At Madison Street Publishing, we mean it when we say that the story is our bottom line. Stop by our website to learn more about this exciting new endeavor.

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