Monday, May 23, 2011

Desultory Remarks II

Today we reached a landmark 5000 sales for I Serve. This includes Kindle sales (nearly 90%), other e-reader sales, and paperback sales. Thanks to all the readers who helped make this possible.

* * *

This past Tuesday night was full of weeping and gnashing of teeth and the burning of the midnight oil. It was my self-imposed deadline for finishing the rough draft of Road from the West. It was also the day my laptop decided to go on the fritz. Despite technical difficulties of a most irritating nature, the manuscript came to a conclusion at around 110,000 words. It is now in the hands of three beta readers. We are looking forward to launching Road from the West on September 2.

* * *

I recently obtained a Twitter account and have been enjoying the ability it gives me to network with other writers and book bloggers. Reading other people's tweets is fun. Writing my own tweets takes more brain power than writing a book chapter. I don't think I'm cut out for a 140-character limit kind of world.
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Starting today Miss Pickwickian at The Erratic Muse is hosting a week long Les Miserables Event. She will be posting essays submitted by readers and handing out some fabulous prizes such as the Les Miz 25th Anniversary Concert DVD and Les Miz themed jewelry, artwork, books, and posters. Let the miserableness begin! (Her joke, not mine.)

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  1. Wuhoo! Congratulations on both counts! Here's to record sales in it's first month. :)


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