Saturday, April 30, 2011

There at Last, but Not Quite Done

100,000 words was the approximate length of my last novel, I Serve, and 100,000 was the goal to shoot for with my current WIP, Road from the West.

In a December 31st post, I announced that if I could keep up with my weekly schedule of writing 2500 words a week, I would be done with my new book "sometime in April." Well, here it is April 30. I've stuck to my schedule, and I've reached 100,000 words. But the book's not quite done. The story hasn't quite told itself. I've a few chapters, and maybe 5,000 - 10,000 words left to go.

New plan: finish rough draft by May 14. I think I can, I think I can, I think I can....



One chill evening, as the marquis prepared to go to the council tent, he bade Alexandra fetch his cloak. If she insisted on loitering around his tent with the mournful eyes of a stray hound, she might as well make herself useful.
The girl rose to her feet, a little shakily, and rubbed her arms briefly as a talisman against the crisp spring air. Tancred, hunched over attending to his bootstraps, glimpsed her form from the corner of his eye moving toward the tent. Then, suddenly, the motion ceased. Alexandra fell to the ground midstride, her voice making no sound as she lost consciousness and her small body making little impact on the packed dirt below. 
“What is wrong with her?” asked Tancred obtusely.
Ralph stared at him. Could he really not know? “She has not eaten a bite of food in over three days,” he said reproachfully....

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