Tuesday, February 22, 2011

HF Virtual Book Tours

"It's a fact that in this modern world virtual book tours are fast replacing physical book tours and that more often than not authors are expected to be responsible for their own marketing."

To help historical fiction authors shoulder this responsibility Amy, author of the blog Passages to the Past, has developed a new service at a website called Historical Fiction Virtual Book Tours. The website hopes to aid authors by "finding quality bloggers to review your book, setting up interviews and guest posts, as well as coordinating giveaways."

Yesterday marked the beginning of the virtual blog tour for Amy's "guinea pig" client Jules Watson. Her book The Raven Queen will be making the circuit of over a dozen blogs in the next several weeks with reviews and author interviews.   

It's a great concept for a business, and I can't wait to see if Amy is able to pull it off and make a profit out of this service. I might be interested in purchasing a "tour package"of my own sometime this summer when Road from the West (my current work in progress) is ready to be published.

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