Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Black Prince of Darkness?

It's been a busy week for I Serve. Not only did we update the Kindle cover to make it more eye-catching and set up a new printing account with Create Space -- we also received another five star review and some free advertising.

In January, make that last January, my husband contacted Red Adept Reviews to see if they would be interested in reviewing I Serve. We went them a review copy, waited a long time, and then forgot about the whole thing. Early this week I received an e-mail saying that Red Adept Reviews was finally ready to feature the book. The good news about the review is that I Serve garnered five stars from a tough critic. The other good news about the review is that it made me laugh -- a lot.

Why the laughter? The reviewer spends a paragraph explaining why it took so long for her to review I Serve: A Novel of the Black Prince.

I received this novel well over a year ago; it languished on my Kindle until recently when I decided to make an attempt at reading my ‘backlist.’ I’m certain that when I received it, I must have read the description. Not being a big fan of historical novels, I put it on a back burner. Later, I can remember coming across it on my Kindle, but upon reading the title, I thought it was some novel about devil worshipping or something similar. I guess that will teach me to judge a book by its title, huh?
I never thought that anyone would take the title in that way! But I guess there is a certain amount of logic behind the misunderstanding.

After overcoming her initial reluctance to begin reading I Serve, the reviewer ended up enjoying it.
[T]his novel was an absorbing read that immersed me in the world of knights and ladies. I was thoroughly engrossed as I followed the life of John Potenhale. Intriguing me with a book of this type was no mean feat as I am far from a history buff.... This was not your usual “knight in shining armor” tale. Potenhale, while a more than adequate knight, did not rescue any damsels in distress. (Although, there was a quaint romantic side plot that I truly enjoyed.) I think the novel’s charm lay in its realism.
I Serve earned top marks (five stars) from Red Adept Reviews, proving that sometimes good things are worth the wait.

In other news, Daily Cheap Reads promoted I Serve as one of its featured titles today. This website tries to provide Kindle readers with smokin' deals on excellent e-books. Anything under five dollars is fair game to be featured, and at $2.99, I Serve is definitely a cheap read that won't break your budget.


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