Saturday, August 21, 2010

Robin Hood Poll Results

The poll results are in.

Which Robin Hood movie best captures the true spirit of the Middle Ages? Is it Russell Crowe's 2010 blockbuster? Kevin Costner's 1991 Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves? Disney's 1971 animated version? Or Errol Flynn's 1938 The Adventures of Robin Hood?

Tied for first place, both garnering 39% of the vote, are Disney's animated Robin Hood and Errol Flynn's The Adventures of Robin Hood. Interestingly, both of these movies offer a brighter and more chivalric version of the story as opposed to the gritty realism in Russell Crowe and Kevin Costner's films. The readers of this blog aren't convinced that a dirtier, coarser, bloodier version of the story is the way things really were.

Thanks for participating in this poll. Look to the right side of this page to find the new poll about historical baby names for our expected twins.


  1. I think the Russell Crowe version was the most realistic as far as look and feel, but it lost me when it tried to work in 18th century enlightenment ideals.

  2. Yes, it seems like sometimes people who are very concerned to be realistic about things like armor, clothing, weapons, and castles, don't really care whether they're anachronistic about ideas. They assume that everyone thinks the same way we do today.

  3. Hehe what a great poll idea, I have one up today for YA recommended reads. I am so glad to see you here and oh my goodness I had no idea TWINS!!! Congrats that is great!

  4. Lizzy, thanks for coming over to look at my blog! We're pretty excited about the twins--it will be quite the challenge! :-)


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